Who is USSEC?

The Utility-Scale Solar Energy Coalition, or USSEC, is a coalition of solar companies actively investing in Maryland and developing utility-scale solar projects, or “solar farms,” across the state. The utility-scale solar segment of the Maryland solar market includes numerous projects under development across 20 Maryland counties, representing billions of dollars in potential capital investment across Maryland.

The utility-scale solar projects currently under development in Maryland represent the potential for millions of dollars in direct property tax revenue to counties and local communities just in their first year of operation and each year thereafter.

Those same projects equate to an average of 6,000 construction jobs per year over the next decade and hundreds of permanent jobs during project operations over several decades. Further, the projects correspond to $3.8 billion in worker earnings and nearly $5.5 billion in value added to the Maryland economy.1

USSEC is focused on advancing Maryland’s renewable energy generation goals through three key priorities in 2020:

  1. Development of equitable land use policies that treat responsibly-developed solar farms fairly, recognize solar’s environmental, economic, and fiscal benefits, and support the addition of the new in-state solar projects needed to meet Maryland’s ambitious renewable energy goals
  2. Responding to new FERC regulations that seek to divert Maryland ratepayer dollars from investment in new renewables to propping up failing coal power plants
  3. Advancement of policies and practices that make solar farms even more environmentally friendly

Solar Potential for Maryland's Contaminated Lands

Maryland Utility Scale Solar Energy Coalition